City a hospital medical staff training etiquette norms

to further promote the "civilized people of Xining", the hospital advocate civilized etiquette service, establish a good image of the hospital medical staff’s occupation, improve hospital service quality and social reputation, a city hospital held a hospital staff at all levels "civilization etiquette service specification" training of four to 19 days on November 18, 2011. Training invitation of Xining city first occupation school senior etiquette trainer Meng Lijun professor and director of the nursing department giant petrels conduct seminars, school leaders and the staff of more than 700 people participated in the training, the whole hospital receiving a quality education, to create a national civilized city and civilized Qinghai to provide a strong guarantee for the hospital.
through training, all staff fully understand the occupation etiquette, medical personnel services civilized norms significance in medical activities, the more clearly the civilized etiquette can effectively lubricate and build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, both doctors and patients to promote mutual understanding and trust, promote the medical work smoothly. The overall image and personal image is closely related to the hospital medical staff, the hospital medical staff occupation quality and good cultural atmosphere is the only way to provide medical quality care for patients, so that patients feel at ease, rest assured, comfortable hospital discharge hospital. You said, must take the civilized etiquette service requirements of their own future, strengthen their self-cultivation, to work hard for the realization of new spirit of hospital, "hospital" standard to contribute their strength.

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