60st birthday of the most famous handball hall – Sparkassen Arena in

March 1 was the date when former Ostsee Halle in Kiel was born in 1952. One of the famous handball hall in history of our sport since 2008 is called “Sparkassen Arena” – home of the most “handball team” “THW Kiel. Congratulations to all of the people from Kiel. When we write about “Zebras”, one thing is always the same – 10.250 fans are there…photo used: www.sparkassen-arena-kiel.de handball fanshandball hallKielKiel hallSparkassen Arena ← Previous Story SEHA (Round 17): Crvena zvezda “doubled” by C.O Zagreb – Vardar secures F4! Next Story → Tatran Presov wins Slovak Cup!

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