Road to SEHA F4 Metalurg VS Meshkov for Novi Sad

← Previous Story EHF: No European matches in Ukraine! Next Story → ROAD TO BUDAPEST STILL OPEN: No winner between Thuringer and Vardar 09.03.Nexe:Partizan17:00h 2.Tatran Prešov151203517 : 41836 5.Metalurg16844417 : 38828 4.Meshkov Brest151005408 : 37930 6.Vojvodina16709409 : 43121 8.Borac m:tel154011355 : 45112 7.Nexe15528420 : 42817 3.Vardar161015470 : 41531 9.Lovćen173212436 : 52011 1.CO Zagreb161213503 : 43437 SEHA GAZPROM HANDBALL Decisive match for the SEHA F4 place could be played on Sunday in Skopje where RK Metalurg will face Belarus Meshkov Brest. Belarussians will secure place at SEHA F4 in Novi Sad with a victory in Macedonia… 09.03.Metalurg:Meshkov Brest17:45h 10.Partizan152013356 : 4276 STANDINGS: 09.03.Borac m:tel:Tatran Prešov18:00h 09.03.CO Zagreb:Vojvodina19:15h

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