Dropbox for Teams introduced offering 350GB of shared storage

first_imgThe “it just works” online storage service that is Dropbox has decided it’s time to stop catering just for the individual and offer something for teams of people too. That’s where the aptly named Dropbox for Teams comes in.The standard Dropbox service offers you 2GB of storage for free, 50GB for $9.99 per month, or 100GB for $19.99 per month. But that storage is limited to a single user account. If you work as a team and want to share storage for a project you had to manage it between different accounts or select a different solution altogether.AdChoices广告With Dropbox for Teams the problem is solved. Dropbox is offering 350GB of storage with a 5-user access license for the rather steep price of $795 per year. Additional users can be added for $125 each, and extra storage will cost $200 per 100GB.The storage is treated as a pooled resource all team members can access. The account can be administered centrally allowing a team leader to add or remove access, reset passwords, and handle billing. There’s also Dropbox Rewind which allows newly committed files to be rolled back if necessary to earlier versions. Security is also catered for with all files being encrypted.Update: Dropbox for Teams is currently in beta, so get in touch with Dropbox through the link below if you’re interested in taking part.Read more at DropboxMatthew’s OpinionOne of the reasons Dropbox has been so successful is the pricing structure it has used for the individual accounts. You can get a decent amount of storage for free, and then paying gets you substantially more. This thinking does not seem to have been carried over to the Teams version of the account.$800 every year for a 5-user team is a lot of money. You do get a lot of storage, but then you may not need it. Why has Dropbox not offered tiers like it does with the individual accounts? I think they’d see a lot more interest and sign-ups if they offered a 50GB Team account for $250 a year, the near equivalent of the individual 100GB plan, but with the extra users. Then tier it up for 200GB, 350GB etc.While I’m sure Dropbox for Teams is going to be popular, it is also going to be of limited value to a lot of teams who either can’t afford $800 a year, or have a lot more than 5 users, but don’t need 350GB of storage.last_img

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