After Surface Microsoft may quit building tablets

first_imgEver since Microsoft unveiled the Surface and Surface Pro tablets this week, the general concensus has been that PC manufacturers were up in arms about the competition from within. As it turns out, at least one company isn’t thinking that way. Acer founder Stan Shih says it’s actually a very good thing.Microsoft’s intent isn’t to prove they could build an iPad challenger and then squeeze their existing PC partners out of the lucrative tablet market. Their plan, says Shih, is to show others in the Windows tablet game how to do things by creating a Nexus-style device that ticks all the right boxes. Once companies like Acer, HP, Dell, and Lenovo can see that Microsoft is right, they’ll follow up with their own efforts — presumably sleeker, more compelling tablets that have more consumer appeal than their last-gen creations.Shih also looks at the Surface as free advertising for anyone else who builds a Windows 8 tablet. The effect would be similar to what some mom-and-pop coffee shops noticed when they refused to sell out to Starbucks and the titan moved in next door. Their new neighbor was the best promotional tool they could have hoped for, and business started booming.Microsoft, then, has taken up the banner for Windows 8 tablets in order to lead their long-time partners into the next great battle. Once it’s clear they can fight on their own — and do it Microsoft’s way — the crew in Redmond will quietly bow out, says Shih.It’s clear that Microsoft is no longer content to let partners run amok and continually dump poorly designed, bland PCs and tablets on store shelves. The first step was introducing the Microsoft Signature PC program to battle OEM software bloat. Now the time has come to challenge them to step up their game against the iPad.More at DigiTimeslast_img

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