DIY NES controller doesnt look too tough to pull off

first_imgIt has been nearly 30 years since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was first released. There is probably no piece of hardware in the history of gaming that has been so universally loved. The grown-up hardware modders of this generation have fond memories of the NES, so it’s not surprising that this fabled console of yesteryear keeps coming up in various projects. This time we find an engineer that got bored and decided to make his own custom NES controller.So what does it take to make an NES controller from scratch? Well, surprisingly not that much. The modder simply threw together some extra components he had lying around from Adafruit Industries, a popular component supplier. That’s why the final product — a square-ish naked device with exposed components — eschews ergonomics.The controller is built on a single-sided 65 x 65mm PCB. On it is mounted a 5-way navigation switch to stand in for the d-pad, three tactile buttons for the A-B set up and the Start button, a few resistors, and some wiring to connect it all to a makeshift controller cable.Due to limited space, the start button is on the back of the board, and the select button is handled by the center position of the 5-way switch. All the other controls work as expected. The system seems unconcerned that the controller issuing commands bears little resemblance to the genuine article.As far as hardware modding projects go, this one is fairly straightforward. The circuit diagram is available if you want to take a swing at it, and if you’re not using leftover parts you should be able to get much prettier results.via Guillermo Amarallast_img

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