Diabetes creates cruel irony for hospital guard

first_imgThe Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner estimates about 66,000 Clark County residents will be uninsured by Dec. 31, accounting for about 15 percent of the county’s population.For 40 hours a week, Jesse Wolff patrols the grounds of Vancouver’s PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, keeping a watchful eye over the patients receiving care and the staff treating them.The 26-year-old security guard’s job presents an unfortunate irony.The Type I diabetic is in desperate need of an insulin pump, but his employer, MetroWatch, doesn’t offer medical insurance. He makes too much money to qualify for state insurance programs. And he can’t afford to purchase insurance coverage or his medication on his own, Wolff said.Doctors told Wolff if he doesn’t get his diabetes under control, within a year he could face a coma or a stroke or heart attack.“It scares me,” he said.Wolff was diagnosed with Type I diabetes in 2008. Type I diabetes is when a person’s body is incapable of producing insulin. As a result, Type I diabetics must rely on insulin injections or an insulin pump, which delivers insulin 24 hours a day through a catheter placed under the skin.last_img

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