Senator Micciche Says He Does Not Support 1600 PFD Bill

first_imgThe bill is listed as a ‘Finance Committee bill’, but according to Micciche it did not come from Finance Committee. Micciche stated that the bill is believed to have come from the finance chairs or chair. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Senate on Monday introduced a bill, SB 1002, that would provide for a $1,600 dividend. Senate debate on the proposal, including possible amendments, is expected as early as Tuesday. Senator Peter Micciche (R-K-Pen): “I want to make it clear that I do not support the bill in its current form. We agreed to separate the PFD from the budget, because we were high-centered by the House who wants a much lower PFD. The Senate has committed to a $3,000 PFD and this bill is not something I can support.”  Governor Mike Dunleavy stated that if the bill passes he will veto it: “This bill kills the Permanent Fund Dividend as we know it. The PFD is your share of Alaska’s mineral wealth, and there should be no change to the dividend without a vote of the people. That’s what I promised on the campaign and that’s the promise I intend to keep. I cannot and will not support this legislation.” Micciche: “When it comes to the floor there will be a group of us that will have amendments. We want the funding source to come from the earnings reserve and we want a full statutory PFD.” last_img

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