SNL Momo Sketch Reveals Creepy Fried Chicken Chain Mascot

first_img New Horror Movie Based on Viral ‘Momo Challenge’ Hoax Is Coming SoonYouTube Is Not Running Ads on ‘Momo Challenge’ Videos Stay on target Momo, a terrifying bird woman sculpture that has scared children worldwide, is back to haunt your fast food dreams: A recent “Saturday Night Live” sketch introduced “Bok Bok,” Momo’s doppelganger who’s an eerie fried chicken chain mascot.“SNL” teased the “Bok Bok” sketch on March 9, and this creepy mascot makes KFC’s Colonel Sanders look angelic: She has piercing blue eyes, crazy long talons, and a smile that will burn your memory. But, rest assured, “Bok Bok” might look like Momo, act like Momo, and lure kids to eat some nuggets, but she is not a threat, according to the hilarious “SNL” “Bok Bok” commercial sketch.In the skit, parents are horrified when they get to the counter and “Bok Bok” comes up out of nowhere with some deep-fried chicken wings. Their children though, seem to be in a creepy trance when they interact with Momo’s “twin sister.”For those that prefer a quick drive-through pit stop, “Bok Bok” will still make an appearance…in your backseat. Don’t be worried though, she just wants you to buy some delicious fried chicken thighs.The “SNL” sketch comes on the heels of the viral “Momo Challenge,” a horrifying game that spammed websites and social media apps, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The game, which dares kids to do violent acts, has sparked concern worldwide and prompted law enforcement, schools, and parents to take action against it.More on Is Not Running Ads on ‘Momo Challenge’ VideosCreepy ‘Momo Challenge’ Reappears on WhatsApp‘Momo Challenge,’ a Creepy Viral Game, Prompts Social Media Warningslast_img

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