Destiny is now free to play in limited form

first_imgBungie and publisher Activision must be pleased with how well Destiny has sold over the two months since it launched with some 9.5 million user accounts registered. But they aren’t taking that success for granted, and as of yesterday Destiny became free to play in limited form.If you own a PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, or Xbox One, it’s now possible to download a demo version of the game. On the PS4 and Xbox One it is being called the Destiny Trial because at any point you can instantly upgrade to the full version via the in-game menu. However, on PS3 and Xbox 360 it’s called the Destiny Demo because you have to exit out of the game and purchase it digitally or go buy a physical copy to continue playing.In all cases the limited version of the game will allow you to experience the core features of the gameplay, including creating and evolving a Guardian, carrying out story missions, and partaking in social activities. It’s unclear how much content is included in this free version, but the words “limited-time demo” are used to describe it, meaning the main blocker could be the time you are allowed to spend in the world. If you do decide to continue playing beyond that limit, then all of your progress is saved and transferred over to the full game. You won’t need to start again.This idea of allowing the initial stages of the online game to be played for free has worked well for other MMOs, so there’s no reason it won’t attract many more players to Destiny in the coming months. Actually getting the game on your console isn’t exactly a small download, though. On PS3 and Xbox 360 it’s a 6GB download, but on PS4 and Xbox One you’ll be waiting for 20GB to transfer on to the hard drive.last_img

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