Fairfest launches techforumOTM to promote cutting edge innovations

first_imgTechnology has changed the traditional landscape of the travel and tourism businesses.Constant innovation and increasing penetration of smartphones married with powerful Internet technologies is fast rendering the present techniques of doing travel and tourism business obsolete.The web based online revolution has meant that the traditional distribution systems are being supplemented and competed by immensely powerful and efficient distribution systems of travel products and content.Some of the tech companies have proved that fast-emerging technologies like ‘Big Data’, ‘Internet of Things’ and Mobile Apps are more than just buzzwords for the travel industry and can be used to deliver highly personalised content and seamless user experiences across multiple channels.From bookings, payments, cab-hailing and activity planning/reservations, each aspect of the travel experience is going under a sea-change. The era of automation and technology is upon us and we are seeing evidence of its impact every day.As with any generational shift in technology, however, the opportunities arrive hand-in-hand with the potential for significant disruption, which naturally bring many challenges – competitive and creative – for our industry to consider.The [email protected] is a niche platform to connect, engage and deliberate on these aspects, mainly for prospective buyers and sellers of these technologies. It is conceived as ‘show in show’  concept which means a distinct area in the OTM will be earmarked for the segment, with a well equipped tech theatre and a tech cafe, on the lines of other international travel shows.There are a number of travel technology sellers who have been participating in the OTM in the past. The idea is to cater to their needs and engage many more sellers and buyers of this important and fast growing segment, from OTM 2016 by creating a distinct segment as above, with a differentiated stage catering to the unique needs of this segment where product presentation and education are integrated part of selling and buying.last_img

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