The most popular tide of literature and art children’s mobile electricity supplier business success

now has a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of entrepreneurial will choose some relatively new business platform, such as network such a business platform, there are a lot of people through the network platform is a success.

"in Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang mode began to flood, we want to leave the platform to play something different." Liu Ping describes his choice of WeChat as a starting point for the business platform. After market research combined with perceptual judgment, Liu Ping feel fresh market development, and relatively easy to cut fruit, so quickly chose to import fruit as their entrepreneurial direction.

and chose the pre-sale this way to sell fruit, said Liu Ping was mainly affected by the tea Wang Xin.

"tea and fruit is not the same, the king heart is taken by the package customization, I put it into a monthly subscription, think you can try." Liu Ping and the team together to discuss the feasibility of monthly subscription fruit, no one denies, but no one can guarantee success. Liu Ping finally decided to try immediately, if you do not take this step, then you will never know whether feasible."

to solve the supply problem

it is understood that, at present buy fruit mainly sell imported fruits, purchase channels are mainly local fruit market in Henan. Liu Ping admits, because from the stock market is not the primary source, plus the initial purchase amount is small, it is difficult to obtain upstream suppliers discount, so get a big problem to buy fruit early will face the high cost has.

– to collect user orders weekly market into a cargo – next day delivery to the user is the basic process of purchase buy fruit. Liu Ping revealed to billion state power network, currently buy fruit every week the number of orders at about 150~200.

For example, I recommend


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