North party members and cadres sounded anti corruption alarm

As the saying goes "I hate eternal", from civil servant to corrupt only a wrong thought in passing from hero to criminals, only one step away. In order to promote the party’s mass line of educational practice, Party members and cadres of the anti-corruption sounded the alarm, March 20th, north area of each district level leading cadres to the north the warning education base for the education, enhance the awareness of honesty in politics, build a strong moral defense against corruption.

in the north area of the warning education base of exhibition room, a page full of tragic history of the confession record, heart of repentance, a familiar face show in front of people, the temptation was in positions, the well-being of the public servants can not resist greed, chained and thrown into prison at the moment. Future life be destroyed on one day. In the face of bloody facts, we are shocking, consistent with the warning that the educational activities of the visual image, rich in content, the atmosphere is realistic, so that visitors completed a spiritual journey.

north of all Party members and cadres have said that the practice of the anti-corruption struggle, no matter how high position corrupt means, how clever, how long will be hidden, "the day will hand caught.". No one can underestimate the determination and ability of the party and the state to fight corruption. To often clean the thought of "dust", "look in the mirror, dress up, wash bath, cure cure, prevent the desalination, desalination, desalination passion masses, always with the people of one mind, fate.  

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