Strengthen youth leadership through voluntary service

In December 5th, the twenty-ninth "International Volunteer Day" is approaching, Xining City Youth Volunteer Association of fourth members of Congress, 130 representatives of youth volunteer organization and social organization from the various districts, universities, enterprises and institutions to participate in the meeting. Municipal Standing Committee, propaganda minister, Wang Haihong, chairman of the Federation of trade unions. Wang Haihong pointed out that in recent years, our city youth volunteer organization in our city civilization, city management, poverty relief, environmental protection, comprehensive management of social security and other fields to carry out a series of volunteer work very fruitful. The conference to better unite and lead the young people of all circles to volunteer life of the city, happy city construction of our city, promoting youth volunteer service activities, promote the spiritual civilization of Xining has very important significance to establish a new image of Xining youth. Wang Haihong stressed that attention should be paid to plan and promote the work of young volunteers in the overall work of the party and government, strengthen the leading of youth thought through volunteer service, pay attention to enhance the ability and level of volunteer service, focusing on youth volunteer work institutionalized and standardized construction. The city at all levels of youth volunteer organizations should earnestly study and implement the general secretary Xi Jinping to the Yu volunteer service team "reply spirit, focus on educating people oriented, career oriented, grassroots oriented, adhere to the security of the operation, social mobilization, career development, volunteer service project system, improve the scientific level of our city youth volunteer service overall, guide the majority of young volunteers, with greater enthusiasm and high morale, more vigor and more selfless love, the fiery youth dedicated to the great cause of the civilization construction of Xining. The meeting considered and voted through the Xining Youth Volunteer Association fourth member congress election, elected the Xining Youth Volunteer Association of the fourth council. The new Council also attracted a large number of outstanding young volunteers on behalf of the association as executive director. After the meeting, all participants on the city’s poor left behind children’s Micro aspirations were claimed.  

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