Vermont minimum wage remains unchanged for 2010

first_imgVermont’s minimum wage will remain $8.06 per hour during 2010, the Department of Labor announced today. Vermont’s minimum wage increases at the same rate as the August Consumer Price Index (CPI) each year or five percent, whichever is smaller. The August CPI fell by  -1.5% for the period September 1, 2008 to August 31, 2009.   Vermont law does not allow the minimum wage to decline, so it will remain the same as it was during 2009, $8.06 per hour. Vermont is one of only 13 states with a minimum wage higher than the $7.25 per hour federal minimum wage.“A steady minimum wage reflects our economic times,” said Commissioner Patricia Moulton Powden, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Labor.  “The cost of living has fallen and the ability of employers to increase pay is limited by the recession.”The basic wage for tipped employees will also remains at its 2009 level, $3.91 per hour. Service or tipped employees are individuals working in places who customarily and regularly receive more than $120.00 a month in tips for direct and personal service.The tipped employees’ total earnings from wages and tips during a pay period must equal or exceed $8.06 per hour. If a combination of tips and the basic wage do not meet that requirement, the employer must make up the difference.All the Department of Labor’s mandatory workplace information posters can be obtained for free from our website at is external).Anyone with a question about the minimum wage can visit the Department of Labor online at is external) or contact the Department of Labor, Wage and Hour program at 802-828-0267.Source: VT Labor Deptlast_img

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