Climate change presentations coming to 8 Vermont schools

first_imgSchedule of Upcoming ACE Assembly Programs in Vermont schools Twinfield Union School: 9:00 – 9:55 AM, Monday, September 26thWaits River Valley: 1:30 ‘ 2:30 PM, Monday, September 26thStowe Middle School: 12:30 – 3:00 PM on Tuesday, September, 27thChamplain Valley Union: 8 AM – 12 PM on Wednesday, September, 28thBurlington High School: 9 AM – 11 AM on Thursday, September 29thEssex High School: 1:00 – 2:45 PM on Thursday, September 29thMount Mansfield Union: 8:30 ‘ 11:30 AM on Friday, September 30thSpaulding High School:  1:45 ‘ 3:15 on Friday, September 30th  About the Alliance for Climate Education: ACE :: Alliance for Climate Education is the national leader in high school climate science education, reaching nearly a million high school students at more than 1,500 schools nationwide since 2009. ACE educates students through free in-person multimedia assemblies presenting climate science that sticks and inspires students to take action with carbon-reducing projects at school. ACE is headquartered in Oakland, California, with educators in New England, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Colorado, North Carolina, Nevada and Wisconsin. To learn more, visit About Vermont Energy Education Program:  For more than 20 years, VEEP has been promoting energy literacy in schools and communities throughout Vermont.  VEEP offers in-class presentations, teacher training programs, energy curricula, and assistance with school energy efficiency projects. Most of VEEP’s services are available at no charge. In 2010, VEEP reached 3,500+ students in 62 schools in all 14 counties in Vermont. VEEP is an independent program of the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation. is external). Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP) is teaming up with the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) to help Vermont high school students learn more about climate change and do something about it.  This month, ACE is bringing their award-winning, all-school assembly program to eight high schools throughout the state.  The one-hour multimedia presentation is designed to inspire individual actions and school-wide efforts that will reduce energy use, shrink the school’s carbon footprint, and save the school money. ‘The ACE presentation is an extremely effective way to educate students about climate change and inspire them to take action,’ notes Wendy McArdle, Managing Director of the Vermont Energy Education Program (VEEP).  ‘The fast-paced presentation includes colorful images, pop music, current events, humor, and even the opportunity to text. It really keeps the kids interested and engaged.  I’ve never seen 500 teenagers so riveted!’ Following the presentation, students and faculty are invited to start or join an Action Team at their school. ‘This fits perfectly with VEEP’s Green School program and our general mission to promote energy literacy,’ says McArdle.   VEEP began forming and working with Action Teams at CVU, Waits River, Twinfield, and Spaulding last spring.  The goal is to establish a committed team of students, faculty, staff and administrators who will take responsibility for learning more about how energy is used at their school, identifying opportunities to make energy efficiency improvements and inspiring the rest of the school community to get on board.  Some of the recommendations may involve an upfront cost, such as changing light bulbs or ballasts, but, according to McArdle, many of the changes focus on new behaviors ‘ turning off lights and computers, unplugging energy vampires, rethinking appliances such as mini-fridges, keeping heating vents clear of clutter, and remembering to lower the thermostat.  Schools that form an Action Team and document their efforts may also participate in ACE’s Biggest Loser competition this fall.  According to their website, the Action Team that sheds the most pounds of CO2 in four weeks will win $1,000. This fall, ACE is also offering a one-day Leadership Training workshop to help students and teachers learn more about how to lead efforts to combat climate change at their school.  Any high school student that has seen the ACE presentation or has a presentation scheduled at their school is welcome to participate, and there is no charge. The free workshop will be held on Saturday, October 1 at Crossett Brook School in Duxbury, Vermont from 9:00 am ‘ 4:30 pm. To register, please contact Brian Stilwell at sends e-mail). VEEP offers in-class presentations that help students explore the science of energy, electricity and the impact of our energy choices on the environment. To schedule a VEEP presentation or learn more about ways VEEP can help increase energy literacy at your school, please is external). center_img ACE Leadership Training – for Vermont high school students who have participated in an ACE assemblySaturday, October 1 from 9am ‘ 4:30pm at Crossett Brook School in Duxbury, VT To sign up for either an ACE presentation or the Leadership Training, please contact Brian Stilwell: sends e-mail)   To learn more about ACE, visit is external) last_img

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