Athletic also fishes in Sánchez Pizjuán

first_imgThe 0-1 was the prize for the intensity with which Athletic jumped into the field and that Sevilla did not know how to match. Only the arreones of Ocampos minimally disturbed the Basque centrals, with a Iñigo Martínez That was known to girdle with the Argentine. The most dangerous sevillista play in the first part was a direct corner of Banega that crashed into the crossbar. The plan of Athletic it worked without even having to approach the surroundings of Vaclik again and the minutes were falling until the end of the first act was signaled by González González. Seville Y Athletic they tied in their first game of 2020 in a duel that perfectly fulfilled the topic that there was a part for each team. In the first, Athletic stifled Sevilla and Garitano won the game to Lopetegui. In the second, the local coach reacted by tracing the scheme of his counterpart on the visiting bench and managed to balance the balance.While Garitano aligned the expected eleven in a drawing of three centrals and two points, Lopetegui did make surprising movements. The main, place Koundé on foot changed on the left-handed side instead of placing Escudero there, natural replacement of Reguilón. And from the first play he looked for the Athletic the weakness of Seville in that area, although the prize reached the quarter hour. Long ball, bad clearance of Koundé that fell at the feet of Capa so that he beat Vaclik with a good shot with the outside of his right foot. CardsReferee: José Luis González GonzálezVAR Referee: Santiago Jaime LatreCarriço (30 ‘, Yellow) Cap (70 ‘, Yellow) Lucas Ocampos (76 ‘, Yellow) Unai López (83 ‘, Yellow) Unai Núñez (84 ‘, Yellow) Íñigo Martínez (86 ‘, Yellow ChangesLuuk de Jong (45 ‘, Óliver Torres), Squire (45 ‘, Carriço), Villalibre (69 ‘, Kenan Kodro), Unai López (72 ‘, Williams), Franco Vázquez (81 ‘, Munir) According to the Basque, Sevilla had more “occasions clear to mark and it was not so. Surely we also needed to avoid the first goal, which was avoidable one hundred percent and allowed Athletic to strengthen its game plan. We wanted to achieve all three points. We deserved it clearly but it was not so. ”To the club of Nervion It is costing you at home: “The three points are worth the same at home as outside, we want to get it at home but we will continue working. Now it’s our turn and we’ll try. ” Garitano: “The point is more than deserved before a category rival”Athletic coach Gaizka Garitano is He showed “proud of the work” of his team at Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, where he drew 1-1 against Sevilla, and said that “in this difficult field and with a rival in front of such a category the point is more than deserved. ““We are happy, we have drawn at the Bernabéu and in Seville. team is more than competitive, it gives face in all fields, despite We have significant casualties, and I am very proud. We have done a very complicated game to Sevilla and we are leaving with one more point than deserved, “he stressed in the press room of Sánchez Pizjuán.The rojiblanco coach considered that they were “better” than his rival in the first part, because they have “squeezed up” and “suffered very little”, although in the second it cost them “more to go out and give a couple of passes, but the team has defended the side centers well and neither does Sevilla He has done many occasions. “He admitted that in the second part “they have changed the system”, what “has not influenced too much”, although “it was very difficult to follow squeezing with the intensity of the first half “and when they stole the ball They had “less freshness to choose the pass well”.For Garitano, Athletic did “a great job” and had to “suffer in the end, but without great occasions “local, and recognized that” in the right wing was the danger, where two or three players met of category, and that’s where the goal has come, that we have done “, he lamented, having been at his own door.He said that for parties like this they have that “good alternative” of system with five defenses, which stressed that it has “worked out” before Real Madrid and today, although “in the future” they will continue with four defenders being “what best suits” its players.He was satisfied with the balance of the first round. “Forever you want more, but we have 29 points, which are many with all the difficulties what we have. With a very honest team, that squeezes, works and competes In all fields, we have earned it in the field. We would have liked get more, but now you have to try to start the second round well and add again three by three, “said Garitano. Goals0-1, 14 ‘: Cap, 1-1, 59 ‘: Unai Núñez That the plan of Lopetegui He had been shipwrecked was evident and the Sevilla coach tried to amend him at the break. Carriço, with card, and Oliver, bewildered, they stayed in the locker room so that Squire Y From Jong They will jump to the grass to try to fix the mess. Sevilla overturned and at 20 seconds Yerai He had to take a sung goal to Munir under the sticks, but Athletic knew he was going to find spaces and responded with a great play from Williams that ended in Kodro’s goal, well annulled for offside.But Sevilla was another and its right wing, a mine. Navas struck and his pass ended with a shot from From Jong to the stick. Ocampos he repeated a minute later and this time the goal did come since Nunez He unintentionally introduced it into his goal. Athletic began to lack air due to the great effort made in the first part and Garitano things ended up getting complicated when Williams He asked for the change. The only option to go against it with speed vanished Athletic, who took the tie for good and opted to fall back.Sevilla did not stop trying on the back of Jesús Navas, but Sánchez Pizjuán is not the fortress of yesteryear. The winning inertia that caused the parties to always fall from the local side in this type of duels does not exist this season and if the opponent did not score in their own door, it seemed impossible for the local goal to arrive. Athletic pulled oil with just a shot on goal and took a point that tasted much better than Sevilla.Lopetegui: “We clearly deserve the three points”Julen Lopetegui, technician Seville, valued the tie of Sevilla against the Athletic: “The first part was not good, they didn’t let us play, they played straight and they didn’t give us rhythm. They scored a second play goal, we knew it could happen. We looked for other alternatives in the second half, we were well above them and we missed that second goal. ”last_img

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