Some English clubs may end the season without brands and sponsors

first_imgProblems are looming for some clubs in England and not just because of pay cuts. The pandemic of coronavirus It is having a great impact on the financial aspect of football, and as explained in Daily MailThis also carries over to the sponsors.As with the players, Advertising agreements, whether it is the brand of clothing you wear or advertising on the chest or sleeves, are usually signed until the end of June. But if this season lengthens, it is possible that there are t-shirts that stop showing off their sponsors and therefore, that some teams earn less money than they expected.This is not the case for clubs that have long contracts with companies, but with those that end this year (there are five who change sponsor on the front of the shirt and five who change the sponsor on the sleeve), since there is no clause in these contracts that makes them stay together until the end of the season, although some of them probably risk losing the bonus for objectives. It is the case of Newcastlewho will stop dressing Cougar (£ 6.5m a year) as well as sporting advertising for Fun88 (6.5 million) on the chest or that of StormGain (1 million) up his sleeve. It is assumed that when those contracts expire, Mike Ashley will make them wear, the great sportswear chain of United Kingdom which he owns. But just like Watford will stop wearing Adidas or Chelsea will change Yokohama Tires for the telephone company Three, Liverpool will also change brands And while some clubs would be courteous to their sponsors, at Anfield it may be settled in court.And it is that for months, New Balance and Nike have a legal battle over who dresses Liverpool. Nike should start sponsoring them next season, but if the season is extended, the American company will not yield.There are many millions at stake and all companies will do well if they manage to carry out their strategies in the midst of a crisis, at the same time that the clubs obtain a large amount of financing from it, either with fixed income or depending on the objectives. Something that will not only happen in the Premier League, but also in the Santander League, Serie A, the Bundesliga or Ligue 1.last_img

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