‘Magician’ Monchi removes his top hat to sign in Ligue 1

first_imgHe fishing ground francés always been very auspicious for Monchi and Sevilla. In fact, in his last season before his return to Seville, Monchi left in the template to the two players for which more money has been taken out in the last two seasons: Lenglet, which came from Nancy, and Ben Yedder, absolute top scorer of the team in the last three courses, which was signed from the Tolouse for eight million and sold five times as much to Monaco this summer.But contrary to what may seem, sign in France to players who give sports and economic performance it is not a kid’s game. And as no one pokes at someone else’s head, the best has received corrective Own Seville in the two years that Monchi has not been at the forefront of his planning. Without going any further, last season Sevilla signed from Lille Amadou and from Rennes to Gnagnon for 30 million euros between the two. After a disappointing season, the first is on loan at Leganes after having been in Norwich in the first part of the season. GnagnonFor his part, he also returned on loan to Rennes, where maybe i can stay at the end of the season but for much less than 15 million that Sevilla paid for him.A year before, only came from France a transfer: Corchia. The winger spent a year at Sevilla, he played last on loan at Benfica Y this one in Espanyol, where injuries have massacred him. In this way, it is confirmed that to remove rabbits from the Ligue 1 top hat you need a magician like Monchi, who adds three more names to the extensive list in which there are illustrious people who left a lot of football and even more money like the mentioned Lenglet and Ben Yedder, in addition to Keita, Gameiro or Krychowiak. He idyll that monchi keeps with French Ligue 1 he has not been interrupted by his two seasons in Rome. On his return to Nervión, the sports director has returned to incorporate your best signings of the season for Sevilla from the neighboring country, getting these high both the performance of the team and its market value with an eye on future transfers that leave profits in Seville coffers.Are the cases of Ocampos, Diego Carlos and Koundé, arrived from the Olympique de Marseille, Nantes and Girondins de Bordeaux. And although the most disappointing addition to the season, Rony Lopes, the level of the three transfers mentioned above will also come from France (specifically from Monaco) outshine this slip, since Ocampos is the team’s top scorer, Diego Carlos one of the best central defenders of the championship and Koundé one of the defenders with higher projection of Europe. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 31, 2020last_img

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