The mysterious connection between CSD and the National Intelligence Center

first_imgMadrid. One of the first meetings held by the president of the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Irene Lozano, it was with another woman, Stephen Peace, director of the National Intelligence Center (CNI). The appointment has now transpired in the world of high federal politics, some of whose members are intrigued by the content and scope of that appointment, of which the CSD has not released pledge nor the CNI either. It seems that the thing is not going to more. It was simply a meeting between the two ladies in which Lozano, yes, was surprised by the high volatility of the information in the bowels of the CSD, a sensitive material that the Council prefers to administer in its own way, which its many interlocutors sometimes do not like very much, nor little.Istanbul. The advance of the pandemic throughout Europe has forced the UEFA to rethink European competitions. Thursday is expected to become official on Saturday August 29 as a new date for the final of the Champions. But it will always be that the governments of each country authorize a replay, which is not clear that this could be possible, not even behind closed doors, before September. UEFA will also keep the venue already planned for the next Champions League final, the city of Istanbul, but it will also depend on the advance of the virus in Turkey. Rome. Already known the protocol that will be followed in Spain for the return of players to training. The WHO recommends that a series of conditions be met, which will be those followed in the A series. In Italy It will be necessary to start with separate training and immunity tests and coronavirus tests will not suffice. Players who tested positive or had symptoms of being infected should undergo an echocardiogramfollowed by spirometry breathing tests, a full range of blood tests, and a lung x-ray showing that they have overcome the disease.Tokyo. The Japanese authorities plan to use the Olympic city of Tokyo It was to house the JJ OO athletes this summer to turn it into medicalized hotels and a residence for the most vulnerable and the homeless. The complex has capacity for eleven thousand people.last_img

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