UPFA overall winner at PC polls

Ruhunu Janatha Party1210.01 % Rejected Votes45,2916.67 % Nawa Sihala Urumaya1480.02 % People’s Liberation Front3,1540.5 % Ruhunu Janatha Party160.00 % Eksath Lanka Podujana Pakshaya2260.04 % Name of the Party/Independent GroupNo. of Votes Received Eelavar Democratic Front2,6930.43 % North Central Province Total votes received by non elected independent groups1,184 Sri Lanka Muslim Congress132,91720.98 %7 No. of Members Elected People’s Liberation Front16,0662.91 %1 Ceylon Worker’s Congress (P.Wing)25,9853.15 %2 The United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) is the overall winner of the provincial council elections held yesterday by securing the most number of seats in all three provinces.In the Sabaragamuwa province the UPFA secured 28 seats while the UNP was second with 14 seats, in the North Central Province the UPFA secured 21 seats while the UNP was second with 11 seats and in the Eastern Province the UPFA secured 14 seats while ITAK was second with 11 seats. Rejected Votes28,0104.82 % Nawa Sama Samaja Party2860.03 % 14* Total Votes Polled878,97662.7 % Provincial Council Elections 2012 United National Party196,12735.47 %11 Provincial Council Elections 2012 The Liberal Party740.01 % United People’s Freedom Alliance200,04431.58 % Total Valid Votes825,85093.96 % Okkoma Wasiyo Okkoma Rajawaru Sanvidanaya1450.02 % Sabaragamuwa Province No. of Members Elected Total votes received by non elected independent groups12,361 Eastern Province Name of the Party/Independent GroupNo. of Votes Received National Freedom Front9,5221.5 %1 Registered Electors1,401,795 Percentage % Our National Front1630.03 % Eksath Lanka Podujana Pakshaya2790.03 % Eksath Lanka Maha Sabha1440.03 % People’s Liberation Front12,1641.47 % Jana Setha Peramuna850.01 % United National Party286,85734.73 %14 United Socialist Party1960.04 % Jathika Sangwardhena Peramuna2030.02 % Muslim Liberation Front570.01 % Registered Electors900,873 Sri Lanka Labour Party2680.04 % Socialist Alliance2,4800.39 % Rejected Votes53,1266.04 % Akila Ilankai Tamil United Front4600.07 % Percentage % * Including two(2) bonus seats. Patriotic National Front720.01 % Total Valid Votes552,92895.18 % United People’s Freedom Alliance488,71459.18 % Socialist Equality Party860.01 % Total Valid Votes633,53493.33 % 21* Sri Lanka Labour Party740.01 % Patriotic National Front1770.02 % Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi193,82730.59 %11 Patriotic National Front850.01 % Total Votes Polled580,93864.49 % Ruhunu Janatha Party670.01 % Eksath Lanka Podujana Pakshaya900.01 % United National Party74,90111.82 %4 Registered Electors1,033,749 Eksath Lanka Maha Sabha3310.04 % United Socialist Party2890.05 % Jana Setha Peramuna2200.04 % Provincial Council Elections 2012 Eksath Lanka Maha Sabha1220.02 % Jana Setha Peramuna930.01 % 28* No. of Members Elected United People’s Freedom Alliance338,55261.23 % Name of the Party/Independent GroupNo. of Votes Received * Including two(2) bonus seats. Total Votes Polled678,82565.67 % Sri Lanka Labour Party1070.01 % Percentage % Total votes received by non elected independent groups10,080 * Including two(2) bonus seats.

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