generally speaking, the choice of children’s clothing market, is a very powerful choice. As we all know, the brand is recognized by the children’s children to join the project, is a very hot entrepreneurial projects. How about Belel? Small business optimization!

children have Michael berrer rich design, procurement, production and sales of operating experience, and promote "green, green" concept, pay attention to the "healthy and comfortable" quality, the accumulation of a large number of stable and loyal consumer groups, the country now has nearly a thousand stores / counters.

children’s clothing products include leisure, sports, elegant, romantic, fashion and other styles. Fresh, natural, lively, beautiful and melting hanrifeng, elegant European wind, cool wind and colorful street art style in one, y meet the needs of children of different choice and pursuit in terms of dress, show the children lively, lively, happy, healthy and upward.

recognized by the parents of children’s clothing brand to join the project, is a very good business opportunities for the project. Join the kids Michael berrer? Trusted choice. Moreover, the small business choose to join the Belel children’s clothing project, open a home of their own children’s clothing store in Belel, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business is not it?

since the reform and opening up, our country’s entire social economic level will have a greatly improved, especially in some high-tech areas, but also made some great achievements, recently, our country developed the largest unmanned aircraft.

due to avoid the heavy civil aircraft routes, domestic "Rainbow five" UAV first flew in the morning. After a short flight of about 20 minutes, "Rainbow five" landing on the runway, and in accordance with the procedures set to stop, the entire first flight by the rainbow number five to complete the control. For the whole flight process, the chief designer Ou Zhongming quite satisfied.

"Rainbow five" belongs to the low altitude long endurance UAV, can perform reconnaissance and combat missions, the body is made of composite materials, with a wingspan of 20 meters, can remain in the air for more than 30 hours. Takeoff weight of up to 3 tons, with a load capacity of about 900 kg, these indicators can not only make it a giant in the domestic UAV, is also in the international leading level.

see such a message, but also make a lot of people are very excited at the same time, such a largest unmanned aircraft there also shows that our country’s aerospace industry has very big development.


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each entrepreneur wants to succeed, in the creation and operation of a company, entrepreneurs will encounter a variety of problems, feel that there is always something to do. Do you think he is a "Chef", and "handyman work". Prioritize the work, the probability of success will be higher.

1. every day to take the time to standstill.

2.  thinking about the day’s goals.

3.  to understand the latest trends in the industry.

timely understand current affairs of the world is very important, and understand the latest situation of the industry is also important. Read at least one article about your company. Focus on a journal on Twitter to get the latest information. It’s best to subscribe to industry journals, so if you can’t read online, you can take out a paper magazine from your mailbox.

4.  using social media.

in our daily life, with the economic development of the car has been gradually gaining popularity in the market occupies an important position, but the management of the car is still a significant problem. Yesterday afternoon, the Fuzhou evening news reporter to follow law enforcement officers on the road around the railway station inspections. Fuzhou how to regulate the taxi, illegal operation of the car illegal acts? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

min JAC877 private car

illegal operation was arrested

it is understood that the traffic law enforcement officers to take a fixed point inspection and flow checks, Ming and unannounced visits in a combination of ways to crack down on FuZhou Railway Station area taxi, illegal operation of the car illegal acts.

17 pm yesterday, law enforcement officers seized suspected illegal operation of the private car "Min JAC877" Bo in the hotel entrance, the car sat three adults and a child. Ms. Chen with a child in an interview with the law enforcement officers admitted that she and the other two passengers on the car did not know, sitting in the car from Ningde to FuZhou Railway Station, the driver paid $50 in cash. The car was withheld, the driver faces at least 30 thousand yuan penalty.

in the inspection process, law enforcement officers also found 4 taxis in the south around the square outside the station passenger train station. These 4 license plate number: Min AT1930, min AT7222, min AT0206, min AT9471.

min AT6539 taxi

private outfit run fast checked

reporter also learned that the day before yesterday at 20 am, law enforcement officers routine inspections, found min AT6539 taxi stop and stop on the road in front of soliciting, very suspicious. Experience told law enforcement officers, the driver of the car is likely to pick passengers in the field.

law enforcement officers to provide law enforcement recorder video display, the night of two law enforcement officers stopped the taxi, left and right standing on both sides of the door to ask for inspection. At that time the window is shaking down, but the driver locked the door, standing beside the driver’s side of the law enforcement officers into the car and asked the driver to open the door.

Although the number of

cars increased, but the intensity of management needs to be increased in order to better protect the rational operation of the automotive market. That night, the car was removed by law enforcement officers to save the inventory, in order to secure important evidence. The taxi is on the spot according to the law to be withheld, deducted 20 days. Because of the private outfit run fast will be punished 2000 yuan, while the car is also the main cause of mismanagement is also facing a penalty of $5000, so the majority of owners in the process of driving, a recommendation

investment dessert chain need to pay attention to site selection. Many franchisees have realized the importance of the site, if you learn a lot of relevant skills, then the operation will be more smooth. If you are not very familiar with the site selection, then you are familiar with the next xiaobian. Hope to help you.

in addition to find suitable investment direction in the dessert market, another is to find a suitable place to set up shop, then, what location trick must remember? Do the site details and content a lot, so investors in the selection of shop location, business scope and operation to clear their position, but also consider their target consumer group, to examine what place is worth to choose, to find more close to the target consumer groups most of the local


around these dessert chain store of potential customers? This will determine the future sales income level, and we also found that under normal circumstances, most of the projects are suitable for selection in the relatively large flow of people of the neighborhood, especially the local business activities more frequently, mature business district commercial facilities relatively dense. Business operators to consider the traffic situation is also very important, which is the choice of dessert franchisee in the choice of the location of the store must be considered.

also must pay attention to the structure of each city is different, different situation, there are also some waiting for the demolition of houses, the dessert franchisee in the rental housing, but also to investigate the understanding of the use of the housing, such as housing construction quality, whether the owners have property or other debt disputes and so on, these details are more worth the attention of investors


investment dessert chain, location is very important. Site is a technical activity, franchisees need to learn a lot of relevant business experience, so that we can do a good job in investment management business, learn quickly. If you have a better experience to share, you are also welcome to communicate with us to help more people succeed.

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environmental protection liquid wallpaper stores business advantage is obvious, we have natural product advantages, easier to open the consumer market, but despite this, you also need to grasp what the business method to open the consumer market? This is the franchisee need to pay attention to the problem. If you want to do a good job in the business, then come to learn about it.

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children’s clothing industry as one of the fastest growing apparel industry, now more and more attention by entrepreneurs. As a result, many entrepreneurs choose to run a children’s clothing store in the business, not only because of the large profits in the children’s clothing market, but also the demand for children’s clothing market is also large, so children’s clothing store has broad prospects for development. The children’s clothing store also has a lot of business skills, today the whole network here to introduce.

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entrepreneurship is a need for innovation, not only need to innovate in the country, but also to actively learn from foreign advanced entrepreneurial results, through the exchange of young entrepreneurs to learn, to further improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

Premier Li Keqiang said

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a successful entrepreneur, naturally has its way to success, for us, is a trace. With the development of economy, entrepreneurship is becoming more and more fashionable topic, what to pay attention to in entrepreneurship, in the enterprise to grasp what the enterprise can better development, sustainable management, please pay attention to the following lines.

regional trend line

The development of the


the cause itself whether to have the sustainable development of the industry, or the hot moment, the instant disappeared flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, not long, sustainable development; is the only criterion for judgment is the profit source of enterprises, support the enterprise whether funds can be like spring gurgle, still need to burn, like a huge black hole if have the black hole effect, so the future is bound to have Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. Due to the rapid development of funds, but also because of the funds and the tree down the monkeys scattered. Cause hematopoietic function is the foundation of the development of the industry. As the bank’s profit, Alipay’s cash flow, Baidu paid search etc..

is the best to do business with experience, so as to integrate into the new business, but again, the experience is accumulated, so we need to learn from the experience of others, in the moment, whether it is open or set up shop, only to do the management, to let it do long winning, so as a person the success of entrepreneurship, is essential to mastering the management skills. The following share store management skills, hoping to bring you a little help.

store management skills 1, control the loss rate of

any shopping malls will face the problem of the loss of sales, property, personnel work in addition to the age limit, the salesperson is the loss of customer inkstone reality, but sales turnover rate is too high will have a significant impact on sales.

store management skills 2 people, posts

mall business adjustment is inevitable, then the staff will also be appropriate to change, adjust the attitude of the salesperson should be stable, recommended to the new counter, to avoid business worries.

store management skills 3, Mathias and governance, the implementation of humane management

mall is a must comply with the service specification of sales development, adhere to the principles of serious, strict, so as to make the whole team orderly norms, such as the daily attendance, the report submitted, the scene of labor discipline, must comply with the implementation of staff management system, the punishment can not be; but on the other that salesman is the ordinary people, to pay attention to the ideological trends, the salesperson emotions directly affect the enthusiasm of sales clerk, life is difficult to help and care, embodies the humanized management.

store management skills 4, the appropriate use of incentive

experts believe that every salesperson standing time in more than six hours, doing a good job, also can let the sense of achievement, no one wants to be left behind, if a store manager will only use the means of punishment, it is undoubtedly the overseer, appropriate incentives will make people from the bottom of my heart accept and do better.

store management skills 5, manager responsible for

in a counter, the role of the manager can not be ignored, he is the link between manufacturers and shopping malls, but also the core of a counter. He should be responsible for the counter personnel, goods, health, display, sales. Therefore, want to manage all kinds of counters, first of all, from the beginning of a good manager to start this link.

store management skills 6, under management, fully authorized

to a mall, recommend