site navigation as a product to do, like Taobao to sell things, not big and complete, small and fine, will be a way out, firstly, we analyze the general situation of the site navigation do good fixed traffic sources at present, the pressure in the site navigation station is the head of the three big mountains hao123, 265, 114la, their sites are large, to shake the very man, hao123 is the earliest site navigation like Chinaz, as we all know, 265 is his unique way of publicity and domain traffic in 114la product support, they have a fixed source of traffic, there are some fixed products of course you will flow the user contribution, said there is a lot of traffic site navigation are very good, now, they all have their own contribution to the product (such as rogue software and so on);

secondly, we analyze the different web site navigation content personalization, once can easily apply in hao123 included, not now, he is a classic, the user experience is not good, too many ads are not very strict auditing; 265 is a non site navigation is often more than the whole. The wide in personality is distributed grassroots website, the laggards my286 is only for the navigation site navigation station, we do site navigation whether should learn? Have their own personality, not for PR and PR, to flow and flow.

and transformation of our income rate to the highest? If the navigation content on your site without discrimination, traffic is not very high, the income is certainly not big enough, if can be maximized? As a product to do site navigation, we can do a site navigation, such as many of the group purchase class site navigation, do not know is not my problem, I do not know how to do it anyway, do not know what is good? Do the group purchase navigation, it is better to be a regional group purchase site, for example, yesterday I went to Guangzhou the group purchase website has those who use Baidu Search found my God and don’t know what to do? Do a small enough and practical site navigation products, not blindly pursuing big and complete.

in short, the site navigation this thing is big and all is not suitable, and the future development is more vertical type, more personalized web site navigation, seize this, I think there are still opportunities.

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on March 20, 2014, a lot of sites before the rankings are quite good, all bizarre appear, the site rankings disappeared in the hundred, even without a trace. That night, many webmasters began to frantically search for themselves, which triggered the Baidu rules, leading to the site was down right. We look at this guy, two night No:

website ranking

, as you can see from the above picture, the two sites have been restored again on the day 23, and even better than before. This can be sure that as long as their website does not violate the Baidu algorithm even if Baidu bug because of restrictions and fetters, or the database cache update caused by accidental injury, all over a period of time will give you back. So, here, I would like to suggest that as long as you conscientiously do in the station, do not easily touch the rules, then your site can do better. Of course, during this period, there must be a lot of websites really collapsed, because they did not promptly identify inappropriate optimization strategy, resulting in your site in Baidu search engine trust gradually decline. Next, I will tell you how to avoid the emergence of bizarre sites, ranking disappeared


first, adhere to the correct, sustainable and optimized route

website optimization should have the concept of sustainable development, that is to say, your own planning plan must have certain enforceability, and do not deceive the search engine to meet the needs of users. We need to understand that today’s websites are long war, not fast. If you want to quickly get good results, Baidu search engine will not let you succeed. In the face of bizarre website ranking disappear, first we should first organize your thoughts, you recently did what you did wrong, where optimization excessive, excessive optimization will lead to what kind of results? As much as possible to find out the reason. If you can not find it, then face the frequent adjustment of Baidu algorithm, keep calm is a wise choice. Do not proceed with major changes accordingly. This can cause serious adverse effects.

second, check the security of the website

hacker technology is now more and more fierce, so as a hard to force the webmaster, we have to regularly detect their own web site security indicators, do not easily let hackers into your website. The best site data of make frequent backups, and backup data to multiple different paths are preserved, so avoid or because the data backup of all the data tampering by hackers, causing indelible unrecoverable damage.

third, testing the external web site and correlation degree,


external construction of the chain must understand the three elements: authority, universality and relevance". As far as possible to meet the three elements, if not up to it, it is recommended that you accept. Why should meet three elements? It is actually very simple, for example, the authority of the equivalent of a star, that we often see a lot of businesses through the star to promote their products, this is.

now the Internet entrepreneurial atmosphere is quite strong, especially personal website development, the grassroots Adsense pulled to the forefront of entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to make money, just thinking about making money, the road to entrepreneurship must not be good.

, many novice webmaster like to ask me such a question:

excuse me, what stand is better now? What station is it easy to make money?

How did

cheat and let the traffic flow? – as long as it was of interest. Would ask for cheating. Wait, something like that.

, I’m so sad to face these problems. At first, I gave them some advice, and slowly, like this, I ignored them. No, I don’t want to help others solve the problem. It’s such a question that makes me feel that even if I answer, it hurts them.

they never asked me any real questions about content development, user services, etc.. It’s all about the potentially seductive stuff. Those things are tempting. But do stand, you want to start business, just for that vanity,


put it bluntly, start doing the station, what traffic, how much, how much money is virtual.. Of course, you make money is good, you can use the garbage station to make money, now less and less. Unless you really want to be a garbage station.

I told each member within the alliance, stand to do the first grinding again cut the wood, harvest yet.

I remind them:

1: don’t think the problem is too complicated to study. Use the Internet first to find a solution. Ask someone else. If someone else helps you find a solution to the problem on the Internet, you can’t find it. You are a failure. Information is very important on the internet. If you have information that you need to help others find, you really need to exercise.

2: don’t cheat, I do


3: practice the truth, don’t waste your time on what those tutorials on those articles every day will come out N the same, what is the use, read enough, in principle that, after the practice to look up to you. Looking at all day long, not to their own station practice, is always vague

4: stick to it. Many new Adsense are facing this problem, because most of them are follow the station, what kind of stand will follow suit, but others have done very well, you do, your person is hard to beat, so vulnerable. But if you do, you must stick to it. As long as your opponent has not completely monopolized the market, you will have the opportunity, but this opportunity will come later. There is no quick way to succeed.

said it wrote hope grassroots webmaster can reflect on yourself. Find ways to grow and grow in your own right. This article from the grassroots Adsense Union ( reproduced, please retain the source! Grassroots Adsense League two group 59081750 (>!

with the rapid development of micro-blog, WeChat, its coverage is far more than the traditional BBS forum, whether it is local or industry forum, BBS, to survive the future, will face enormous challenges. In fact, many local BBS have closed, webmaster of the forum is that we are more familiar with, so in 2014 the industry forum how to operate it? Compared with WeChat and micro-blog, the traditional BBS forum what advantages and disadvantages? First, micro-blog and WeChat use platform to mobile phone, but the computer can only rely on the PC BBS forum. Users can use the mobile phone micro-blog, WeChat brush roll with users are now fragmented whenever and wherever possible, the use of time, this is WeChat and micro-blog’s advantage, before love go to the forum users, now love on micro-blog and WeChat play brush. You can also build connections, and you can also comment. The impact on BBS is very large, some people say that the forum is really going to die out, I do not think so.

first: Industry Forum must be ground gas

The traditional

BBS forum is aimed at the ordinary grass root users, so the industry forum must be down to earth, the essence of the forum is to make friends, chat. Ordinary users can use the forum to complain, say, in the forum of almost all entertainment industry forum plate, of course. These plates can let the forum build more connections, but the most early stage of the forum is definitely the lack of popularity, this time only way to attract users to post. Today, you can use WeChat and micro-blog and other promotional methods, in order to increase the popularity of the forum. In the content of the forum planning, you must choose the current popular hot topic, of course, the moderator on the forum should also appropriate the topic of speculation. No controversy, no Tucao, such forums must be dead and lifeless. To put it plainly, most of the netizens who visit the forum are nothing to do, idle to pass the time.

second: Industry Forum must be professional enough


is a industry forum, for example the machinery industry forum, there are a lot of love is to understand the knowledge of mechanical products. If such a forum is not professional enough, the content of the forum is too much irrigation, then it will certainly disappoint such users. To the contents of the forum to do more professional, that requires the forum moderators, management personnel with professional knowledge, the operator must employ some familiar with certain mechanical moderators, it is best to choose from registered users in the forum. Don’t just go for the non professional forum moderators, for the low quality of the posts and delete or modify, because a lot of the article is to directly copy and paste to the altar. So we must encourage u write original technical articles, to enhance the overall quality, the content of the forum. In short, industry forum to enhance the user experience, increase user viscosity, the most difficult is to do a more professional forum.

third: profit model of industry forum

Profit model for

local Forum >

has been running local websites for some time, and has been learning and learning a lot. Personally think that local websites want to do well, it is necessary to have their own characteristics of things. How to build features, find a way to do it seriously, every day adhere to, will be able to work twice the effort.

our website features a wealth of web content, lots of wonderful forum posts, and local information that you don’t see on other websites. This is our starting point, and the emphasis is on the richness and variety of the content. Today, share how we build web content.

1. portal

access to news content and controversial topics from portals is a necessary step for news websites. Sina, NetEase, and their sub channels, as well as recommendations from Sina blogs, are all sources of our access. For example, open the Sina home page, the middle section according to local sources, local news, access to news, if by artificial election race, further processing of the title, would be a very good information.

2. local news gets

more distinctive local content, such as QQ popups news, we are all familiar with, showing the local news information. This information is most users can see, if you put your own news content, the page is too repeated, but lead to other people’s resentment. QQ pop-up news can be used as a controversial topic, put on the forum for users to discuss, the effect is very good. And QQ pop news sources from where, we can find, Tencent forum is also divided into local areas, some of the news is from the forum users through artificial editing. We can also extract news content from other sites from the information, which is hot on the homepage.

3. TV content

TV is a great medium of communication, but now most young people, including students and working people, do not have much time to watch TV. Some families place a computer. And the elderly groups pay more attention to television. In this case, it is much easier for us to do web content. Through the processing of television news content, put on our website to reflect the local people’s livelihood, has become the focus of our attention. More, through the clues provided by friends, these cases reflected in the television media, and become another aspect of the promotion of the site. Our website takes such method, went up a few local TV station, very glad.

4. newspaper content

with television, newspapers are also an important part of nature. Although many things in the newspaper have been reported on TV, the newspaper as a text medium, it is easier for editors to organize language and process news according to these materials. Second, what is worth learning in the newspaper is how to extract the news that the local people enjoy and the materials they like to read. Newspapers live much longer. Release >

enterprises to tap new customers is never too much, so most of the enterprises are paying attention to the development of new customers, but new customers haven’t dig into the past, cooperation and old customers and attract potential customers to have are constantly lost, do you know why? "/p>

on the basis of 9 years of focused Albert foreign trade network marketing experience, this is because with the rapid development of Internet technology and the change rapidly, makes more and more high requirements of customers, and enterprises do not have too much to analyze the real needs of customers, resulting in the reasonable expectations of customer value is not up to the standard, annoyed customers, and ultimately business the loss of customers.

then what have businesses done to annoy customers and cause customers to continue to lose? Focus on the following things for you –

1, no mobile site, can not keep up with the pace of the times,

more and more data show that smart phones in many countries, especially the rapid growth rate, and even the daily utilization rate of mobile phones has exceeded PC.


"mobile phone party" customers direct access to various websites through the mobile phone, if you do not have a mobile phone website, customers can access your PC website through the mobile phone, then the page structure, font size, image size, layout view and don’t conform to the operation of mobile phone, after the first two times, the customer is no longer have access to your website.

2, lack of speed, wasting customer time,

we often say that waste is shameful. Whether it’s food or time. When customers hurry to understand some information, so as to make a quick choice, your website has been downloaded for a long time, and customers are naturally lost.

you think customers will be willing to wait for good things, but in the Internet age, slow means that you are far behind others and are more likely to be eliminated by the market.

3, purely social media platform as a display platform

wants to attract orders through social media platforms, and it is necessary to run the social media platform into an interactive platform. But many enterprises are the platform as a display platform, when no new products have abandoned these platforms, a new product is a lot of product information, and not really to understand the needs of fans.

for the customer’s message can not reply in time, the customer will naturally be away from you.

In fact, more than 3

are solved, if enterprises want to retain customers, the most important thing is to stand in the customer’s perspective, the real solution to the needs of customers, to maintain a long-term relationship with customers, and even more for their new single.

this article describes the beginning of Airbnb, the development of various obstacles and coping process, you will see a more three-dimensional Airbnb. Originally appeared in New York Magazine.

Airbnb battle for the market, smoke more and more prosperous,

one morning several months ago, New York citizens suddenly found that the whole city of New York seemed to be surrounded by Airbnb’s advertisements overnight. A piece of advertising as the clean white snow, it is a new Yorker bright smiling face, and attachment profiles, tells Airbnb the online rental site is how in the financial level, even spiritual change Ta’s life. The advertisement says, "the new Yorker agrees:" New York has Airbnb, and it’s absolutely wonderful. (Airbnb is Great for New York City).

this kind of propaganda, the impact is not small, Airbnb seems to be in with a rival to fight – one thirty while can not see Airbnb in protest of what also don’t understand this advertisement is to make a passing subway passengers remember what.

however, Rao was a bright picture and could not escape the fate of "graffiti" in the subway station. In the evening, some people in the Canal Street (Canal Street) graffiti advertising posters saying "Hey! Your apartment tenants are the silent buddy put your keys to outsiders!" (West 4th Street) West Fourth Street posters, similar font wrote "Airbnb not responsible" in the Forty-second Street! (42N Street), the graffiti is the target in the Airbnb propaganda words, "Airbnb is great for New York" into a "Airbnb is great for Airbnb". These graffiti accompanied by Airbnb advertising throughout the Harry, Broolyn, Queen and other areas, obviously, this is not ordinary advertising graffiti, but targeted anti Airbnb activities.

recently, the struggle faced by Airbnb is not only from commercial competition, but also from the incompatibility of ideas. Different from the concept of Airbnb represents new lease on the traditional rental model the impact of affluence from "do not understand the real people" and "new tenants by Airbnb to make up the rent" such behavior…… Among them, many of the opposition from time to time cited the "New York spirit" is also one of the Airbnb resistance encountered in New York.

Airbnb founder and CEO, 33 year old Brai>

How do the soft paper marketing

tea website, first we network soft, what is the tea website publicity soft, soft propaganda is the content of tea in the promotion of a possible way, propaganda is a tea website, it may be a product of tea. At the bottom of the articles I write each have to leave your site name and address first, can be said that each article to do AD, for example, our website is followed by the orchid Tieguanyin, we paste the URL from a certain point of view, my article Pianpian are tea soft propaganda. Here we will talk about how to write a quality tea propaganda soft.

one, the title has penetrating power

Title: subject to take more attractive, the subject is not attractive, many people will not read your article, your soft writing is no good. Soft Wen wrote, the title should consider the following points.

1 uses the curiosity of the reader. Once you grasp the reader’s curiosity, the appropriate title of the party? As we have tea, write soft article also is such, such as < a pound of tea, I sold 1W > and < buy tea, take a wife back casually > think this is a big attraction flow, are relatively good.

2, ask questions directly. For example, we plan the orchid Tieguanyin soft, the title is "how to do" direct brand of tea, tea "how to improve website traffic?", the target consumers see this kind of title will look down. Another example, our tea site "Tieguanyin five big effect" and so on, are straight hit crowd, put on, not everyone looking, but for people who have problems to see. This article hit after sales rose immediately, we are tested.

3, Title live. Many soft melatonin can by the majority of readers, the life of the title plays a very important role. So start with life.

but a little attention, pay attention to the content itself, not the crested chicken.

Don’t stray from the


writing must have a center and a theme. All the content is organized around this topic. Since it is the center, it must be clear. Generally speaking, the theme of this article is about the concept of product launch, as we do the tea to join, will join the brand, said the benefits of how to do if it is to join mall, just to make some of these functions of tea, etc..

three, publicity articles should be valuable,

now, what is a valuable article, I personally feel that a good article, that is, in the publicity of their own, but also to help others. This is an article that is valuable to others as well as to yourself. I do the network promotion, what are the natural and detached, I write soft article also is to promote their own websites. But I’m >

inspired by the "15 creative 404 error page" on the evening of 18, stationmaster net points out [website "404 page" competition] activity, activity is the specific address:   the purpose is to make more long learning from 404 pages to some knowledge, pay attention to 404 page.

as a grassroots webmaster, I also participated in, in accordance with the requirements of the activities of the site submitted the relevant information. Just like the iron kite said, "a decent AD opportunity."." I’m running this, too. Just my new station   model (; on-line for a few days. Find an opportunity to send AD. The information submitted is as follows.

web site name: dig model

website: dig model essay, model resources, free sharing platform.

404 page address:

404 page design meaning: 404, directly replace the home page, so even if the page is wrong, also don’t lose, waste a IP. On the other hand, this format is easier to set up. You can fill in the url  in the 404 settings directly in IIS. The option is set to "/", and easy to operate.

just had dinner and watched TV for a while. Some of the webmaster responded positively. I went to look at the statistics, dig. Mama!!!, 404 page actually to 122 PV. The charm of stationmaster net is big. (a small graph confirms)


although it is only a small activity, I still feel that there are still many places for us to think and study. I’d like to reiterate my attitude to 404: even if there is a mistake in the webpage, it will not be lost and waste a IP.

don’t hesitate. Don’t wait and see. Hurry up and join the activity.

with the group purchase website hot, a lot of group purchase website code also popular on the Internet, readily grasp is the code about the group purchase website, it will greatly accelerate the construction speed of group purchase website, there are more and more personal webmaster to join the network group purchase tide, although the group purchase network construction to reduce the threshold, but the threshold of the operation has become high, some reflections below is the author for the group purchase website operation


: a group purchase network form is basically a day, but on the website of the business is limited, especially the regional group purchase website even hundreds, and business resources is relatively constant, but the number of group purchase website is more and more, so for each group purchase website can be obtained group purchase business even less, so how to realize every mission? If not achieved, web site traffic and how to guarantee? And every one of the group purchase website will face such a dilemma, so to this type of group purchase website to continue it will inevitably come once the industry reshuffle


two: Reflection on the new people to emerge in the tide of the group purchase website construction, is not all that there is money on the effect of group purchase websites have launched? If the idea of the webmaster can be good to analyze their own strengths and advantages? If you don’t have the expertise on blindly group purchase website launched, so the competition is fierce as can be imagined, and now the electronic commerce website B2C so many if turned to make vertical network group purchase is very easy, as long as the stock their look to attract many consumers, while those without channel network group purchase can only helplessly wait for death so! For people how to do the group purchase site the author also give you some advice for reference


1: learn to communicate, this is the best way to gezonglianheng six sneaking little princes to deal with the Qin, we these personal webmaster can also use this experience to deal with the large group purchase website Monday, only hold a group, small group purchase website will not be a big hit

all a hideous mess!

2: if a resource owners can do the industry vertical type group purchase in the apparel industry, familiar with friends such as you can do a group purchase business in the seasons, on the one hand, can help you clear out inventory, on the other hand, the profits we also know the


3: mainly in group purchase after the process used to issue a public notice through the business portal, its own website publicity terminal, so as to maximize the fight back, when I was in the group purchase handle network did not have such experience, so for the majority of the webmaster group purchase is a place worthy of optimization


4: group purchase occurred after going counseling and service tracking to the businessman, can not give businesses and customers to take the finished bridge after he abdicated, the customer service service is very poor, the success rate of group purchase and store together, and then to the next push.