July 23rd, sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s livelihood situation · happy city · China dream, turn style, improve the efficiency, promote the people’s livelihood projects, the construction of happy Xining "broadcast live large politics activities held in the town square of Xining.


of this event to accept supervision by the masses, listen to the voice of the people, to build a Harmonious Society for the purpose, set up a bridge of understanding and communication between the government and the masses, through all-round, multi-channel exchanges, focusing on the people concerned about the "difficult" problem, for the people to dispel misunderstanding, acceptance of the complaint. Accept criticism, open the. In the relevant departments of the government leadership and people communicate, listen to public opinion, the Department of wisdom, the solution of the people, promote the government more efficient to serve the people, to "turn style, improve the efficiency of the target.

the same day, Xining, 17 department heads and representatives of the public to participate in the political activities of the radio. Outdoor activities to live the way, take the main venue and the venue combined by guest interviews, telephone, on-site interaction, media questioning, employment, health care, social security, transportation, food safety and other hot and difficult topics of public concern for the field interaction. Live for 1 hours and 30 minutes, the masses to the various departments and the hotline reflect dozens of pieces, for these problems, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau will supervise the on-line units within the prescribed period of time to do everything is implemented, pieces of a reply. Activities invited the provincial wall and the central green in the 13 media as a supervisor to participate in the political activities of the broadcast.

this event by the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, Municipal Propaganda Department, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of SMG, Xining people’s radio, sunshine FM contractors. (author: Xiao Liu)

from February 18th to 22, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the municipal Party committee, municipal government supervises the room two office (Office), organization and personnel departments deployed 24 cadres composed of 9 inspection teams to carry out the "turn style, improve the efficiency of" thorough investigation work, focusing on the 162 municipal units, county departments and units, window service the unit of work after the discipline, the cadres and workers of the mental state have conducted unannounced visits, and in March 1st the city’s bureaucracy thorough investigation briefing.

unannounced visits from the situation, the units can quickly enter the working state after the spring festival. But in investigations also found that workers in some areas, departments and units of work time off-site, the office door locked, the door no one answered, I do not know the fate of personnel; to work late and leave early, individual staff sleeping at the desk, individual staff watching movies on the Internet; to inform the implementation of the system is not good; individual staff office service indifference stiff in asking relevant questions, aidabuli head, do not lift; individual service department staff rude, poor image, leaning on the chair lying down to chat, the staff has self-assured or supercilious look, loss of organ image; minority area, public transport units mark management system is not implemented or post is not standardized.

in view of the above problems and phenomenon, Xining City Yung, lazy, scattered, and special rectification activities leading group requirements, departments and units in the area, make sure to strengthen organizational leadership, effectively solve the loose management, style of relaxation, dilatory, efficiency in the construction of the work style is not high. Effectively implement the post responsibility system, the first asked responsibility system, a one-time notification system, limit the effectiveness of the system, such as the effectiveness of the construction of four systems. The control target organ efficiency construction requirements, carry out self-examination, bianzhengbiangai; seriously investigate the damage to the interests of the masses and damage the environment for economic development to solve the case, not diligent, not cheap, the problem of unfair, enhancing execution and credibility, standardize administrative law enforcement behavior and service.

at the same time, the special rectification activities leading group decided on the same unit within one year two times by the thorough investigation found irregularities, criticized in the city; found three times (including three) above violations, the principal leaders of the unit in accordance with the relevant provisions of accountability. On the poor not to perform, not fulfill or perform their duties, style is not correct, the efficiency is not high, discipline, poor image, damage the state, collective and the interests of the masses against the style and performance of the construction of behavior, will be severely punished, will not be tolerated, shall be appraised units and leadership during the year. (author: Xu Zhifeng Jia Quanjun)

is the use of emergency shelter in city parks, green space, square, stadium and other open space construction with "integrated design and comprehensive utilization of" public places, is the main place for emergency response to the earthquake disaster and emergency evacuation resettlement victims. The construction of emergency shelter is an important content to improve the ability of comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation, and to improve the construction of emergency rescue system. In 2004, the State Council on the "notice" on the strengthening of earthquake disaster reduction work makes clear that "planning combined with the city square, greenbelt, park construction, set up emergency evacuation routes and the necessary shelter,……". The city is the capital city, with a population of about 2000000, is the province’s political, economic and cultural center, in order to ensure the rapid and orderly evacuation of personnel after the occurrence of sudden disaster events. In 2006, the municipal government issued the "Xining Municipal People’s government emergency public emergency plan", requiring the district (county) government to designate or establish the population density, the size of the city to adapt to emergency shelters.

2007 December, the city took the lead in the construction of emergency shelters. The municipal government issued the "Xining city emergency shelter construction plan" (Ning Zhengban No. [2007]243), the government leadership, overall planning, local conditions, integrated design, safety shelter building principle.


program by the Seismological Bureau of Xining Municipality shall be responsible for organizing the implementation, after 3 years of construction, the construction of the city planning has been completed Xining city square, Nanshan Park, Xining stadium, Huang Le Park, people’s Park, botanical garden, cultural park, Nanliang Ruins Park, the new Ning Plaza, Dongchuan Industrial Park Plaza Nanchuan Road, park, Huangshui Forest Park twelve emergency shelter. The total area of 3 million 456 thousand square meters, with an area of about 1 million 853 thousand square meters, can be temporarily placed about 600 thousand people. The emergency shelter set up unified signs and functional zoning in accordance with national standards, improve the disaster relief command, emergency medical rescue, emergency supplies, emergency shelter area, emergency toilets, emergency power supply and other major emergency functions and facilities.

The establishment of

emergency shelter is the embodiment of practicing the important thought of "Three Represents" and the construction of the harmonious society, is the inevitable requirement to improve our city public facilities, improve the city emergency treatment, it can meet a variety of natural disasters and public safety incident emergency evacuation of the common use. It can not only improve the efficiency of the government’s emergency management, but also embody the concept of people-oriented, the supremacy of life.



In recent years, with the popularity of private kitchens, hidden in some buildings in the catering industry, the fume pollution Xunde citizens repeatedly complain. In this regard, the day before at the fifteenth session of the thirty-first meeting of the Standing Committee, Xining City air pollution control ordinance passed "(hereinafter referred to as the" Regulations ") included in the" regulations, food service establishments smoke pollution ".

it is reported that the "Regulations" article fifty-sixth pointed out that food service establishments should be taken to set up special fume emission channel, install fume purification equipment and other management measures, to ensure that the pollution discharge standards. The discharge port of the special oil fume discharge channel shall be higher than that of adjacent buildings or access to the public flue. City built in residential buildings, not supporting the establishment of a dedicated flue residential building, commercial building and residential layer adjacent to the commercial floors, prohibit new construction, renovation and expansion of fumes and pollution of catering, bathing and other service establishments.

"Regulations" seventy-seventh article pointed out that the operators of the catering services industry is not installed fume purification and odor treatment facilities or online monitoring facilities, not to keep the normal operation of facilities, not on a regular basis, fume purification or odor treatment facilities for cleaning maintenance and record keeping in accordance with the provisions of the environmental protection departments shall be ordered to stop the illegal behavior. The pollution was serious, punishable by two hundred yuan to three thousand yuan fine; pollution serious, punishable by three thousand yuan to fifty thousand yuan fine. City built in residential buildings, not supporting the establishment of a dedicated flue residential building, commercial building and residential layer adjacent to the commercial floors in the construction, reconstruction and extension of exhaust fumes, odor, catering, bathing and other services, the competent authority shall order rectification of market management; refuse to correct, it shall be closed down. Impose a fine of ten thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan fine.  

to the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the office of the name of the document issued by a decline of 12%, two sessions spending fell by 36.7% year on year, official hospitality fell by 35.7%…… Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city of Xining as the second batch of educational practice activities in the region, no wait, to focus on the "five early", "the real thing" turn style, earnestly educational practice all the preparatory work, a smooth start to lay a solid foundation for the city to carry out the party’s mass line education practice.

is a comprehensive planning in advance, the work platform to build early. The construction work leading group municipal Party promptly held a meeting to convey learning, comrade Xi Jinping, comrade Luo Huining in the party and the party’s mass line educational practice mobilization meeting spirit; special arrangements for the deployment of the city’s education practice activities in the early work, laying the foundation for the second batch of educational practice in Xining city prepare. Two is to advance learning propaganda, rich carrier atmosphere. On the basis of the Party Central Committee to take the lead in learning, enrich the learning carrier. The city through self-study and focus on learning the combination of discussion and thematic guidance combining forms, contents, implement the provisions required learning time, Party Central Group to take the lead, Xi Jinping, Liu Yunshan, Zhao Leji repeatedly Learning Series speech and other leaders of the Qinghai provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining spirit. Three is an early investigation and study, grassroots ground gas. Carry out the "big research, big visit" activities. Focused around the four winds, educational practice freestyle, carry out to improve the effectiveness of educational practice, to create national unity and progress of advanced areas and other key issues, set up a special research group in-depth primary research, to tease out the existence in the "four winds" reflect the cadres problem 13. Four is to look ahead to the rectification, while searching for the people. In a wide range of grassroots party members to solicit opinions and suggestions of the masses at the same time, adhere to the side of the investigation and reform, 5604 things for the people, and strive to solve a number of ordinary people concerned about the outstanding issues. Five is to solve the problem ahead of time, the positive wind Su Ji practical results. The municipal Party committee issued a timely rectification activities and supporting the "Xining City Interim Measures", "open style further strict work discipline and improve the work style accountability Interim Measures" and other system. Up to now, a total of 52 party members failed to deal with, of which 49 unqualified party members were bright yellow card to correct within a period of time, to the exclusion of 3 party members from the party. Through a series of heavy attack, since this year, the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the office of the documents issued in the name fell 12%, with the name of municipal Party committee and municipal government meeting fell 18%, "NPC and CPPCC" meeting expenses fell 36.7%; the city of internal organs and units of 49 publications were cleaned, keep 29 for the integration of the 6, 10, cancel closed; standardizing fiscal expenditure, official hospitality fell 35.7%; the official car purchase costs fell 52%.


the Spring Festival just ended, the municipal government will end a livelihood feast: this year, the city will invest 5 billion 82 million 310 thousand yuan to promote the six categories of 38 practical livelihood. All along, the municipal government has always attached great importance to the livelihood of the people, sincerely for the city people to do practical, problem-solving things, good things, a series of "people’s livelihood into the real thing", so that people really feel the benefits. And in 2014, the livelihood of the people and what dishes? People can taste what tangible benefits?

feast a

key words: new rural construction

[practical menu]

1 implementation of the new rural greening projects in 50 villages.

2 new village comprehensive service center 8, rural renewable resource recycling network 6; to continue to strengthen the leading enterprises to support efforts to support the 16 farmer cooperatives, the new rural household biogas pool 1500.

3 implementation of the relocation of the village of poverty alleviation projects and the whole village of the project to promote the 86 poor villages in.

4 implementation of the rural environment of the 84 Villages contiguous remediation projects.

5 construction of rural roads 200 km, the construction of rural roads and bridges of the 5.

6 to solve the problem of drinking water safety of the people, improve the irrigated area of 50 thousand acres of farmland, soil erosion area of 80 square kilometers to control the area of 50 thousand.

7 new and expansion of the "old and narrow" village (community) integrated office service center ().

feast two

Keywords: urban infrastructure construction

[practical menu]

The implementation of

8 people and road (bridge), expensive Road (bridge), Golog Road East extension project.

9 to complete the existing building energy saving project of 500 thousand square meters.

10 continue to implement the smooth traffic project, start construction intelligent traffic information system; new 5 pedestrian bridges, bus lanes open 20 kilometers, set the road microcirculation of 4 roads, sidewalks isolation 10 thousand meters, open up the broken road 8, the construction of underground parking lot 2; delimit road traffic markings of 80 thousand square meters, set the road traffic signs 100, upgrading the 48 intersection signal lamp, guardrail installation center 6000 meters.

11 in the urban planning and construction of 50 public toilets, upgrading and opening up to the public toilets of the 50.

12 expansion of urban drainage pipe network of 20 km.

13 built fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant.

14 built 1111 bus vehicle video surveillance system, the new opening of the 2 long-distance passenger lines, new tourism passenger vehicles 30 units, the pilot implementation of the taxi call appointment service.

feast three

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau carried out the "prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning" theme of the campaign, the public security organs at all levels through the streets publicity, publicity materials, into the community to carry out seminars and other forms of universal safety knowledge for the public to prevent carbon monoxide, effectively improve the masses self-protection consciousness.

this year, due to improper heating measures and other reasons, the continuous occurrence of a number of carbon monoxide poisoning incident in Xining. To this end, Xining city public security organs at all levels of public security departments in accordance with the actual conditions of the area, and actively carry out security campaigns. During the event, the community police station within the jurisdiction of a centralized heating free residential areas were examined individually, Datong, Huangzhong, Huangyuan three county police into the village, into the household, making full use of community advocacy positions increase prevention propaganda work force, to the masses on the winter heating safety protection and winter security knowledge. (author: Li Weijun)


  party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee pointed out that to speed up the development of cultural industries, promote the cultural industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy. Vigorously develop the cultural industry, not only can expand the total, promote economic growth, but also can optimize the structure, promote industrial upgrading. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to do a good job in the cultural industry statistics. In order to reflect the development status of Xining city cultural industry, promote cultural industry innovation and development at the beginning of 2012, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in Xining city cultural radio and Television Bureau of the city’s 2011 year related units to carry out the investigation of the cultural industry. The survey work time, heavy task, the two departments to act quickly, making the implementation of the "Xining city cultural industry survey plan", in accordance with the requirements of the program, carried out involving cultural industry statistical units of personnel training, the "Statistics Law" for the publicity and implementation of the program and report the index to explain in detail all units of the survey, fill in the report of the Department’s financial status, business status, employment status and supplementary indicators, Municipal Bureau of statistics on the questionnaire were carefully reviewed and reported to the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the current investigation work has been basically completed, the survey results were announced by the National Bureau of feedback.  

  June 14th is world blood donor day". The same day, organized by the provincial health department, the Provincial Association of blood transfusion, the provincial Blood Center hosted by the Xining region to commemorate the world blood donor day activities held in Xining stadium. Reporter learned from the activity, our province cash reimbursement preferential policies for blood donors with blood, so that people enjoy the "one blood donation family benefit, a blood storage lifetime" preferential policies, encourage public blood donation enthusiasm. Provincial Blood Center for more than 25000 years of unpaid blood donors in a timely manner to honor the cost of reimbursement of blood, reimbursement of blood costs more than 300 yuan, more than $12.  

I province actively carry out blood donation system for 12 years. Among them, the province introduced a blood donation using blood free policy, to participate in blood donation citizens from the donation date, within five years can be free to use three times the amount of blood blood, after five years to life can be free to use the same amount of blood, and preference for blood; blood donors (spouse and lineal relatives parents and children) the blood for clinical use, within five years from the date of blood donation to the free use of blood donation, blood volume. This preferential policies to encourage people to actively participate in the province’s voluntary blood donation. Up to now, the province has 300 thousand citizens participated in voluntary blood donation, blood donation reached more than 110 tons. Young students, military personnel, medical workers to become the main force of voluntary blood donation. Our province has 9 consecutive years to maintain clinical blood from voluntary blood donation of 100%, ten thousand patients were treated by blood transfusion. Blood donation work in our province has entered the national advanced ranks.

  from the beginning of yesterday morning, the provincial capital on the next rain, people suddenly feel the weather suddenly cool. Yesterday morning at 5:12, we ushered in the twenty-four solar term of "cold dew".