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"orange" love Shanghai index fell to 726, if not mistaken, yesterday should still be around 800.

I have with the scarlet letter noted, from the beginning of October, navel orange immediately to the mature season, orange origin across the country will in the next two months have opened listed, users concerned about the sharp rise in the search for users including orange suppliers and buyers, and some of the media. Orange window is launched in December 14, 2011, in January 1, 2012, and ranked a few days from this site traffic feedback, the majority of users search aims to understand the navel orange market dynamics, which is a considerable number of farmers began looking for purchasing enterprises from the network. As far as I know, the hometown of navel orange mid unmarketable, along with the development of the Internet, as well as the news media reported, there have been a number of farmers to find a market awareness from the network. According to some media reports, Taobao has a few shops in the sale of orange Zigui, through the search engine to retrieve some fruit in the B2B site to open shops, supply information released, although scattered strength, not the size, but it’s still a good start.



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in a short time, "orange" index fell more than 70 points, although the data errors, and not as the actual standard, but such a large decline, people have to wake up. Orange or enter the sales season, there are still a lot of navel fruit on the trees, and the backlog of inventory emergency early shot traders. There are 15 days to the lunar new year, nearly a year, foreign businessmen reduced navel orange market is not optimistic. In previous years, the lunar new year, occasionally small rebound. This year the situation how, owners will continue to pay attention to the data window of navel orange changes.

in fact from the annual average, "orange" is not a very high heat, and it is very obvious in the short season. Below is the "orange" in January 1, 2011 to January 5, 2012, the user attention curve:

in the form of links


in the role of the chain is very powerful, can be very good to promote the keywords ranking. It can also help users find more valuable content in the chain and the role of the entrance, can enhance the web pages included and so on a series of benefits. But the chain is completely controllable, unlike the chain so uncontrollable. But in the early weight of a site within the chain chain high not only, but the website development to a certain stage, after the access to the search engine trust. In fact, strong chains in place is not less than the chain, in fact, today these are not I want to say, just want to make a foreshadowing.

so these pages some first released after the release of some natural keywords ranking up, time is not the same, the first release of the first keyword ranking can be natural. After the release of the web page ranking is certainly up slowly, then we send those pages long tail keywords ranking up, said the weight. This requires the use of those who have the weight of the page with those new pages, because these pages also did not get to the search engine trust. Need to have the weight of the page recommend, is this principle. Another advantage is that let users find this page will tell you a web search engine to determine the principle weights and trust here. The birth of a new page and a new website was born is the same, for a new web search engine in the absence of data, do not know the site is good or bad, search engines need by the user on the site left for the site to judge good or bad. Simply by the search engine is the need for a long time, this time we need.

I want to ask is, you have several pages is really valuable page, there are a few users really need, your content is updated daily to snapshot and ranking or for users. I have always stressed boutique website, if an enterprise stand besides products, very few pages. We don’t need to be updated every day some articles and news, snapshot and ranking No 10 Fen, you every day to do this would harm your website, the overall quality of production a lot of junk content will outlast your website. If the chain we just thirty or forty, each page is corresponding to some of the long tail keywords.

I want to talk about the thing that a lot of the webmaster is ignored, the design in the chain is the only published this article at the time. As for the later will not go to the management of this article, in fact, this is wrong. We generate a page when we will see this page is not valuable, can bring flow, can bring results, can solve the problem of the user. These three problems are only two together on it, we need each of the inside pages of keywords we are monitoring, look at what these keywords ranking. If there is no ranking, we should not send some outside the chain, for this web page to add some chain. This is a page promotion, many people may say so much time to do the promotion page where the hair of the chain.

above is from the direction of a large Shanghai dragon, in addition to a summary of characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng work, hope you can through an understanding of the characteristics of Shanghai dragon, there is a better criterion in the recruitment of the time, is no longer the Shanghai dragon myth, nor as a chicken ribs.

. Although as a basic link of marketing, but will affect all aspects of the work, this is no doubt. For example, online editing articles, for the site of modification and so on.


appears in the author’s opinion, the root of the problem lies in the recruiters do not have a good understanding of Shanghai dragon, is Shanghai dragon as a life-saving straw, the results as can be imagined.

1, long-term. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, there must be some time to reach ranking and enhance the flow of work;

such as the well-known Cardiff, ZAC, Wang Tong and other legendary stage of the first batch of Shanghai dragon, is now in the development of a full range of concern in the Shanghai dragon at the same time, more focus on marketing.

continuity. Shanghai Longfeng advantage lies in its continuity, after a good Shanghai, optimize the website, for a long time will have a good performance, excluding those through some cheating or brush click, outside the chain of the rankings;

The ! 4, the importance of 3, the basic

finally stressed that Shanghai is not to save the last straw dragon website

is popular in the Shanghai dragon today, more and more companies in the Shanghai dragon is quite important, but often the value level is beyond the scope of a Shanghai dragon can bear. Not only affect the Shanghai dragon er’s work enthusiasm, will be unable to complete the plan of the company.

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introduction of the following the Shanghai dragon cognition, hope to be able to have a better understanding of the recruiter:

Shanghai dragon

full name is the search engine optimization, the core of the emphasis is not the actual optimization, we know the rankings, traffic and sales. Is not more than 3 years of Shanghai Longfeng, here is not to say not to do Shanghai dragon, but will take this as the base, to contact with more sales network links, such as product, user experience designers, web site operators, as well as the common SEM. More than 3 years, Shanghai dragon still do, I think it is definitely a personal problem.

. The basis of referring to the Shanghai dragon as the most basic part of website marketing, can provide a good help for the sales, product optimization, promotion and other aspects;

3, on the site title crawl into the link, the Shanghai dragon gu;

2, a NOODP label, adding meta name=" in head robots" content=" tag; noodp" and to support this tag search engines can play a role. Meta name=" robots" content=" noodp, noydir" this is restricted to all search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, noble baby, and as mentioned in the second paragraph, love Shanghai search engine is the label of unknown support.

1, usually a situation is: the search engine spiders crawl the site in the title tag, will temporarily store the title, then the entire page in order to grab crawling down, search engine and intelligent process accelerated, can now through the analysis of the algorithm, users must access habits, access keywords data were analyzed. If the analysis results and the actual deviation, is directly reflected in the above snapshot.

practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng engaged in website optimization work, will also meet the site title crawl or just not accurate. Shanghai dragon here make a couple of points:


here first discuss some NOODP tags. The first is MSN announced in 2006 that the NOODP tag is used to prompt search engines do not use the description of information classification information in DOMZ, then Yahoo, nobility baby also announced support for NOODP tags. But note that: at present, our love is not clear whether Shanghai supports the label, at least not any love from Shanghai Phoenix blog Shanghai official documents concluded.

recently found a lot of Shanghai dragon enthusiasts to put forward such a problem: no love Shanghai snapshot grab title and description tags, in fact, before the Shanghai dragon blog also published articles on "the search engine grab description tag error reasons", mainly described as reaction to the entire web page content, rather than blindly do keyword superposition but this solution is not common on the part of the web. Also at the end of said NOODP tag, meaning is not to use the open directory search system, also is the open directory search system is not suitable for this site.

note: not that you write the title is not good, not only describe the writing coherence, relevant pages and the actual situation is a bit of a problem. Such as "noise (irrelevant information) too much, the search engine spiders can not make a correct judgment, and feel your title or description and page content does not match, you may direct the page according to the important text information obtained feedback summary after extracting the related information.

Shanghai Longfeng blog

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

I started from the second half of 11 years to do the first project, Amoy powder bar, is an electricity supplier shopping guide, do okay. By the beginning of 14, I wanted to continue to do something about the electricity supplier. But at that time, reported a northern university students initiated the association to get up, boys and girls are paired with each other after wake up, see I think this model is very good, immediately open dry, the goddess of the app.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

and who told me to wake up than, "goddess called me up" is video based, "who calls me up", only audio. At the same time, "goddess" more partial social attributes, who is more biased tool, and social needs of personal display and discovery mechanism, the goddess of this mechanism is more abundant. Tool scenes create social scenes for socializing, and socializing makes tools more personal and more emotional.

CHANet results network

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u


CHANet results network has been operating since March 2005, the existing system has accumulated nearly 3 years of various types of data, due to large data systems, reporting, query and other functions caused by a certain delay. In order to be more smooth running results of CHANet network, from April 1, 2008 onwards, the report query function will no longer provide December 31, 2006 inclusive activity data before, if there is any important data before this date, please check the inconvenience, please understanding.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Call you up seedsThe seed user of

social software active and retained really difficult, we struggle for a long time, to the next day 40, user activity about 100000 per day, this I think, mainly by tools and social combination. My opinion is that certain social is attached to a thing, only making friends is not reliable, because this thing approached the single success rate is too low, not sustainable, should rely on a thing, whether it is based on the contents such as pictures, video, or relying on the scene wake up, eat. Movie

February 26, 2008,

social software is critical, and this is a lesson for us. Seed users are not the first users, but the ones that best fit your product.


goddess, is the combination of social and gadgets, tools is the interaction between man and machine, social networking is the interaction between people, and wake up the scene to interactive interaction between man and machine into people.

dear stationmaster:

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

, our 5.4 youth day on-line, the results were immediately recommended by the official Appstore, immediately feel good, ah, by the official recommended period, ranking rights, immediately done

social products, especially anonymous social networking, can never be understood. Social entrepreneurs how to find the breakthrough point, how to ensure the retention and activity, how to create scenes, how precipitation content and relationship chain? Have a year of effort into social products must be the right to speak by Liu Jun.

social software users must be directed

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

yesterday the elephant’s time, we invited to the nation’s largest rebate shopping guide website scouring powder it founder and CEO Liu Jun, he brought a social product to call you up "goddess", "share those things about social networking for us". He shared with us the views of social software, seed user training, user retention and activity, commercialization of social products and so on. A lot of dry goods, we catch ~

tool cut from social

site footer is connected with the bottom of the

4, using graphical elements


, what to write

on our website footer will add a contact, Links, services, information, or add the structure and content of the site navigation page links in the footer of web site. This is divided into columns and rows in the form of search engine spiders and make it easy for users to see.

5, pay attention to the contents of the readability of

for enterprise website and website even mainstream sites, will even enterprise information and website information in the footer, including copyright information and contact us, these information are told the website subject, there is a website and the company’s overall information team.


, 1 footer design is simple and practical

footer in color and use to choose more popular color, it is easy for users to accept, there is the text and pictures are fundamental to design website, do not make the false and the absence of the style, but also pay attention to the picture is simple and practical. In addition, the footer link to maintain the correct and click, footer content bearing a lot of important information, so we need to keep the correlation between the footer and the site as a whole in the process of designing the content in the footer.

Although the distinction between the bottom of the

site footer to the topic content, but need to be consistent with the overall style website, in color and style and graphics on the need for a transitional footer. Ensure the site overall look >

our company uses the footer at the bottom graphic elements, adding graphical elements makes it easy for users to see with other companies, which are in a certain degree to the user trust.

not gouweixudiao website footer

as the theme of the site footer content, just a few hold footer content information, and this information is not very important but do website must. You need to let the content become readable we design website footer content. There is a text element and the background color footer content requires with website theme to distinguish, the benefits of doing so is to make the site footer and site theme in stark contrast.

2 footer

website includes "head," the theme section and page footers, these three pieces together the whole page. Thus, is an important part of Web site footer. But recently I see others in the website, found a lot of problems, especially the design of the footer is careless, and even many of them are dealing with site footer get throught a thing carelessly. Therefore, you need to carefully through the way we design website footer, which not only benefit the optimization on the site, the site is still the overall beauty plus. The Puyang website construction about how to design a good web site footer.


7: use a lot of javas>

maybe some factors we can but incapable of action, and we still have to Wu do, perhaps a quick one or two seconds, will save a lot of traffic.

server softwareThe correct configuration of

software, and the software is stable, will affect the server environment, which affects the speed of the network. The server installation software firewall, will sacrifice some of the network speed, so VPS, or independent server users install a firewall is enough.

1: the minimum bandwidth network

server hardware configuration

5: Web content size (recommended)

includes hardware configuration of the server and client, the same network environment, some dual core server computing ability definitely stronger, there is no doubt that the same network environment, you use a machine Celeron dual core processor and Pentium four computer, open the same page, speed, certainly not the same.


2:DNS analysis (recommended)

DNS analysis including spent times and each time the analytical analysis of round-trip time, and they are both the product of DNS is consumed by the analytic result, we can use some of the free DNS accelerator, such as: love Shanghai to accelerate the music.

website open speed


web page file size is whether the site can be quickly opened one of the most important factors, we can not determine if the server hardware, I strongly recommend that we start from here, regardless of form or DIV+CSS, optimize the appropriate code, can reduce the size of the page.


site in the implementation of a large number of database operations, will also affect open speed website, here the asp+access structure website is particularly evident, especially at the same time, there are a large number of users to submit comments on the operation of the database, lock, cause the website to open.

why every day to pay attention to the response time, response time popular is open speed website, if your site open speed is slow, many people will choose to wait, let us analyze the causes of the slow speed of the website open.

this is the most important factor, and then slow the site on the good bandwidth access as fast (that is, spend a lot of money), the bandwidth of the network includes web site and client server bandwidth two position, docking refers to the outlet end and the entrance end (such as telecommunications Netcom for docking point). Another is the minimum bandwidth for the user, if the user do is 512K broadband we can.

response time

6: a large number of database operations



finally, page design is also very important. We should follow the standard layout using DIV+CSS. It is different from the traditional table layout, to separate the content and the effect of the code. The design of DIV+CSS site more in line with the W3C standard, more convenient search engine index. Also note that the reasonable layout of the keyword density, can not appear the phenomenon of keyword stuffing. In general the keywords of a page is kept between 2%-8% as appropriate.

Shanghai dragon to the realization of this paper is not to introduce the content, here is no longer too much. Here is the introduction mainly want to note the realization of Shanghai dragon, may give some new friends to bring some help.

first, the most important is to have perseverance! When took over the site according to the standard of Shanghai dragon made some feel, It is as expected second days the site will be down right now, if you give up, then the results as can be imagined. At this time in order to reflect the good mentality as the Shanghai dragon should have, if handled properly, weight or will come back.

second, attention grabbing of search engine spiders. The site must not appear dead links, and the internal link level to extend, which is more conducive to spider crawling. The server must be stable, if you encounter a problem, it is easy to leave spider.


With the popularity of

search engine, people access to information, read news are in great need of search engine, search engine in fact far more than these, through the application of Shanghai dragon can not only make money for others, but also to promote their own websites, blogs, such as micro-blog, get considerable income from.

development of the Internet makes the rapid development of sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Many people began to build their own website, also can be found from the web to profit by the office. So that you can develop their own hobbies, and can return in the economy, is a very enviable thing. But when there are traffic, how to make it into income. Advertising is a good channel. In fact, the Internet is the essence of traffic, whether it is a gateway or personal website, whether it is online, blog, micro-blog is to get traffic is equivalent to the income.

said the popular Shanghai dragon, had said that the search engine marketing (SEM). It is through the search engine marketing promotion website, Shanghai dragon is one of them. Shanghai dragon is popular is to find the target site by the user search keywords, so the content of the website is to meet the needs of users. These users due to the clear, more likely to become the site of the customer.

in Shanghai Longfeng started are still relatively simple, but it is perseverance to do fine. And to the long term, not just stare at the immediate interests. I hope Comrades through mastery of Shanghai dragon, effectively promote their own websites. In this paper.

Answer: now there are many online Shanghai dragon tutorial, basically says the site do Shanghai dragon after optimization, 1 months can be ranked. In this regard, Shanghai dragon dream to remind a Shanghai dragon optimization ranking does not mean that 1 months is an absolute value. According to different site types, different keywords optimization difficulty, after ranking time increased. As to why say 1 months this number, the main reason is the love Shanghai grab, included in the index released, the investigation about the time for 1 months, of course, depending on the content, effect of time will change. So, the Shanghai dragon optimization rankings this thing, do not be too impatient, general website optimization properly, three months is the most prominent.

Every day, Q3 and Shanghai dragon?

love Shanghai is known as a popular quiz platform of, often integrated into our daily in search of. But, as love Shanghai loyalists, know the current trends in the reaction of the user to a certain extent.

Q4, there is no automatic tool or what Shanghai dragon software?

The difference between

Answer: the purpose is to let the spider to update the website, found a new content, which included, and increase our site content, reach a comprehensive score, improve the site keywords ranking effect. Based on this, Shanghai dragon dream recommend every day to maintain proper updates. Of course, different industries have different characteristics, such as the product station, competitors every day more on certain articles, then you’d better also quite a number of articles, and some sites may share, are generally 2~3 days more text.


Q2, Shanghai dragon after optimization can have long ranked

Answer: automatic optimization? Well, if the automatic optimization effectively, so online is a big ticket Shanghai dragon er? Don’t work efficiency of the machine is millions of times higher than the one? The Internet is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng detection tools, but are some.

Q1 and SEM

also need to update the website optimization?

, Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai know many webmaster especially novice webmaster most often used to search block. Today, Shanghai dragon dream and share that ten Shanghai dragon issues most concern.

Answer:SEM, the full name of Search Engine Marketing! Is the translation of search engine marketing, that is to say, SEM is a kind of marketing method, it not only contains the flow into our site, but also responsible for traffic into benefits! This is Marketing, is also marketing. So, SEM not only covers the Shanghai dragon which is part of the flow of natural ranking, but also covers the love of Shanghai, bring 360 promotion of search engine advertising in the form of flow, while shouldering the responsibility of traffic benefit!

is part of the website describes overall summary must sentence core keywords website can be one to two times in the description of the two best.

, a web page of

web page is used to do the long tail word, long tail word ranking is easy and very easy to say, as long as the site of reasonable structure, can effectively transfer the weight, the inside pages included in the later will have the good ranking. In the page design when we want to see in the title of the page design is reasonable.

2, page code redundancy, page structure

H tags from H1 to H4, H5, H6 rarely used. H1 is to tell the search engine this is the most important part of my website, H1 tags in one page only, other labels are not limited, we must pay attention to this.

1, the title, description, keywords and other

open a website first show in front of us is home, home is a site of the most important pages on the essential analysis. Analysis of home can be started from the following points:

The distribution of

check the title of the site is qualified, the page title to a reasonable and effective integration of key words, focus on user experience, must not be the accumulation of keywords. Keywords web site is the core part, to analysis the degree of competition keywords, consider whether it is effective keywords, do not go too hot, too cold do not flow.

4, H tag using

is generally believed that the keyword density is between 2%-8%, but I think that this is of no great importance, as long as the keyword search engines are natural and reasonable, not to punish our website. We can try to search some words to look at its love Shanghai snapshot home page appears one or two keywords and ranking good site home everywhere, the emergence of a large number of keywords and ranking is good so many. We need to pay attention to the reasonable and effective distribution is the key to the user experience, you can.

is a Shanghai dragon Er, every day we will go to see your site keywords ranking has not risen, competitors have no change, this thing look good, do not waste a lot of time in the above, this time an analysis rather than on their own the website or competitors website. This paper take you to know how to do the optimization analysis, more detailed operation also rely on their own experience.

3, the home page keyword density, keyword

two, website page analysis

Website Optimization Website Optimization of the code and the structure is also essential, the code is simple and clear structure, is conducive to the page loading, but also conducive to spider crawling. On the page of the CSS code, JS code package, the extra notes can be removed, can easily lose weight for home.